Indigenous Body Scrubber
Indigenous Body Scrubber

Indigenous Body Scrubber

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The Indigenous Body Scrubber 

The Indigenous Body Scrubber back! Now more eco-friendly and still double sided, sewn on both ends (for no fraying), stretchy, and will last up to a year without losing its scrubbing power! 

Other Benefits of your Body Scrubber:

+Increases lather of your soap.

+Promotes blood and lymph circulation; allows body to absorb essential and carrier oils located in your Indigenous Soap more proficiently.

+Helps to slough off dead skin cells.

+Stretches to twice its length to get that acnestis; that unreachable place. 

+Made with handles that can hang to dry between uses. 

8 inches X 17.5 inches 

Made of Organic Cotton, Nylon with Eco-One*, and Recycled Nylon
*Eco-One helps speed biodegradation

Packaged in compostable wood fiber cellulose and recycled paper  

Indigenous Body Scrubber