Brown Body Scrubber
Brown Body Scrubber

Brown Body Scrubber

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How do you soap your body? 

We have your custom scrubber! Indigenous Brown Body Scrubber is double sided, sewn on both ends (for no fraying), stretchy, and will last up to a year without losing its scrubbing power!

Other Benefits of your Brown Body Scrubber:

Increases lather of your soap.

Makes soap last longer.

Promotes blood and lymph circulation; allows body to absorb essential and carrier oils located in your Indigenous Soap more proficiently.

Sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal shinier, healthy skin.

Constant use creates micro-circulation which may help with the appearance of cellulite. 

Stretches to twice its length to get that acnestis; that unreachable place. 

Bacteria and mold resistant. Made of polyurethane. 

Brown Body Scrubber