About Us

Created on the Island of Oahu, the indigenous in our soaps comes from our passion in studying medicinal herbs and oils from all over the world. We believe that everyone is indigenous and are inspired by natural healing. Each of our ingredients are chosen by what is local, organic, or highest grade. We combine these herbs and oils in our soaps, to result an Indigenous bar of Soap. We take no short cuts in our fine ingredients.

Synthetic Free

  • no  colors
  • no preservatives
  • no fragrances

Indigenous Soaps are hand made, hand stamped, and hand wrapped. We share our love with you by introducing you to the world of Super Nature Soaps!

Passionately Poured

  • Made by hand
  • Made with integrity
  • Made in Hawaii

Our soap creations are of a fun, healing, exciting, and pleasing character. Our message is of positivity and raising the level of consciousness. This is communicated not only on the outside of the soap wrapping, but on the inside as well. You will find instructions on how to make your soap last longer and words of encouragement, expressed in a soap fortune, always of a positive nature.

The world is changing, and as we become more aware, and the speed of information goes around the world faster and faster, people will no longer stand for the easy, synthetic, dishonest way to make a living. Instead we are realizing that we are all connected, and we cannot treat Mother Earth with such reckless abandon. We must live in harmony with her, making sure that what we harvest we also plant more of, and that pollution on all levels are reduced. Enjoy all your days, Aloha Nui!