The Soap Club

The Soap Club

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Welcome to The Soap Club!

1 Bar of 'Āina Soap plus 1 Soap Makers Choice Bar every month! 

  • Monthly Home Delivery- Receive 2 Full-size of Handmade Indigenous Soap every month. One will always be our most loved soap 'Āina, use them both for yourself, or share with a friend! 
  • Specialty Soaps only made for Soap Club Members- Every other Month you will receive a Specialty Soap that is made only for members and not found in stores or sold separately.  
  • Experience many Indigenous Plant Medicines for Skin Care- We created the Soap Club to continue the celebration of Indigenous natural skincare. We work with Indigenous farmers to find local, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients and introduce them to you through our soaps and the descriptions on our packaging.
  • Local Artists Collaborations- Whenever possible we collaboration with local artists for the designs on our wrappers for the Specialty Soap Club Soaps. 
  • Also try all of our main Indigenous Soaps- In-between months of our Specialty Soaps, you will get to try each of our main Indigenous Soaps in a year. 
  • Never run out of soap again!
  • Pause subscription anytime 

Two Indigenous Soaps delivered to you every month. You will notice that being part of The Club means a few things change in your life; you will never run out of soap again, you may even have an extra soap to gift, and your bathroom will always smell good. It also means that you will be able to try all of our main soaps plus Specialty Soaps made exclusively for Members. Soaps are delivered in an eco-friendly box that can be reused or recycled. 

Love Child, Nioibadboi, Tea Tree Patchouli, Tamanu, Oatmeal Morning, Rosemary Peppermint, Need and Tulsi, Mama'o, Yarrow's Song, Gardenia.... the list goes on...