Seasonal Gift Box

Seasonal Gift Box

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Indigenous Seasonal Gift Box is the perfect gift to send to family and friends, pick a soap and send a note!
Gift Box includes: 

Indigenous Soap Bar 

Choose one of your favorites of our main 7 Soaps! 

Indigenous Body Scrubber

Double sided for next level exfoliation with handles to get those hard to reach places
8 inches X 17.5 inches 
Made of Organic Cotton, Nylon with Eco-One*, and Recycled Nylon
*Eco-One helps speed biodegradation

Indigenous Soap Rack

Reclaimed Hawai'i wood Soap Rack to keep your Indigenous Soap dry 
These Soap Racks are made of Monkey Pod, Ear Pod, Mango or similar woods from Hawai'i by Wasted Wood, a family owned company on the North Shore of O'ahu.

*If this is a gift please add a note for the gift tag!